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For you happiness, health and wellness.


  • Diamond, John – Your Body Doesn’t Lie

  • Dispenza, Joe – Becoming Supernatural, You Are the Placebo

  • Dyer, Wayne – The Power of Intention, Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling,  Change your Thoughts Change Your Life,  10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace, Wishes Fulfilled

  • Eden, Donna – Energy Medicine

  • Emoto, Mararu – The Hidden Messages in Water

  • Hay, Louise – You can Heal Your Life

  • Holden, Robert – Shift Happens, Happiness Now, be happy

  • King, Deborah – Truth Heals

  • Lipton, Dr. Bruce – The Biology of Belief

  • Mate, Gabor – When the Body Says No, Scattered Minds, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

  • Moorjani, Anita – Dying to be Me

  • Myss, Caroline – Anatomy of the Spirit, Invisible Acts of Power, Entering the Castle

  • Myss, Caroline and C. Norman Shealy – The Creation of Health

  • Rosenberg, Marshall B. – Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life

  • Ruiz, Don Miguel – The Four Agreements

  • Tipping, Colin – Radical Forgiveness

  • Tolle, Eckhart – A New Earth

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