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"When I first met Bernadette I was dealing with anxiety, depression, guilt and shame. Over the course of time I met with her, she helped me  discover how to deal with  these issues on my own. I now have the tools I need  and am able to practice calming techniques, and self love more readily. The guidance that is provided throughout her sessions are absolutely one of a kind. She teaches gratitude, love and compassion in unique ways to help you better yourself. Bernadette has helped me feel empowered and stronger. I now feel as though I can get through any situation and my over all quality of life has improved. For me, these sessions  helped heal residual anger, built up guilt and self hate. I am proud to say, after completing my final visit I have been filled with joy, love, compassion and more empathy that I knew possible. Thank you so much for your help in guiding me into this period of my life. For this I will be forever grateful."

S. Lane

"The services that Bernadette Lyons provided to me over the course of several years has been nothing short of transformative for me. Through wisdom, patience and compassion, coupled with her knowledge of healing and the divine source she brought me out of my darkness and into the light. The techniques that she has mastered from decades of studying taught me that love and forgiveness have to begin within yourself. That struggle is optional. All lessons that I had never learned. Her techniques and practices will stay with me throughout my life as tools to use as I go through my journey."

K. Doyle

"Bernadette is filled with compassion and gentleness.  During her sessions with clients she is profoundly respectful and uses her intuition to fine-tune and individualize her techniques.  She uses music, talking, journaling, relaxation, and questioning, among other techniques.  In my work with her she was a true support, and her practices helped me to identify and deeply feel a challenging issue.  They helped me to break the hold that my negative emotions had on me, and to feel released and lighter.  The effects of her work lasted long past the time spent in her healing room; in the days and weeks that followed, my challenging issue dissolved and resolved, and a totally unexpected miracle presented itself as one step in my healing of that issue.  Bernadette is a gentle healer walking amongst us."


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